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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  January 3, 2013 11:00am-11:30am PST

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good morning to you, everybody. thank you for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> and i'm marla tellez. a daly city father is in surgery right now after he was stabbed by his son early this morning. police say the two got into an argument at the crown colony kond mcondominium condominiums. the son stabbed his father several times and his son suffered some sort of head trauma. police say the father called 911 from his own cell phone. >> the officers responded to the scenened a they saw that the dad had multiple stab wounds and the son had some type of trauma to his head. we're not exactly sure where he
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was stabbed yet. we think it was a knife, but i can't confirm that. b . >> both were taken to the hospital and are expected to be okay. police are processing the evidence they found inside this white car parked at the complex. some of that evidence, blood found on the driver's seat. one of the murder suspects accused of silling a silicon valley businessman is now facing a judge today. 21-year-old deangelo austin being arraigned for allegedly taking part in the murder of ravi kumra. prosecutors seance along with two other accomplices killed kumra and beat his wife in monte sereno. they're also accused of stealing cash, collectibles and jewelry. investigators say they're looking for other possible suspects in this case. also in the south bay, a maintenance worker at a san jose apartment complex could face murder charges after he allegedly shot and killed a man he thought was a burglar.
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police say luis hernandez saw a man casing cars in an apartment complex garage on lewis road on new year's eve. investigators say hernandez confronted the man. that's when a fight broke out and ended with hernandez shooting and killing the suspected burglar. san jose police admit burglaries are a lower priority, compared to other violent crimes and hernandez took the law into his own hands. >> it's very frustrating for the officers. it's very frustrating for the supervisors that are out there listening to these calls come in and knowing that they can't send anybody. >> the district attorney will now decide whether hernandez should face charges. police at this hour continue their search for a petaluma teen who went missing on new year's eve. now there's $1,000 reward being offered to help find her. this is a picture of 19-year-old alyssa burn taken at the snow globe music festival in south lake tahoe. she attended the concert with some friends and was staying at the horizon casino resort.
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investigators say at about 11:30 on new year's eve, she took a shuttle back to the hotel without her friends and that was the last time anybody saw her. burn's family is pleading for her safe return. >> please come home. we love you and miss you and there is no repercussion of anything. we just want you home. >> south lake tahoe police are looking over surveillance video. but so far they've had no real solid leads as to where alyssa could be. you're asked to call the douglas county sheriff's department if you have any information to help find alyssa burn. we have a follow-up on a story we first brought you over the weekend. san francisco police hope new video will help them catch a man who attacked a woman and threw her dog into the street. the attack happened on december 28th near the corner of leavenworth street and golden gate avenue.
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the suspect approached a woman, adamed money, and grabbed her small dog and threw it into the oncoming traffic. the dog had to be put down because of its injuries. the reward money from private donations has topped $3,000 so far. right now to developing news we've been following all morning long, san francisco police right now searching for as many as five men who robbed a home at gunpoint over night in the city's outer richmond district. nbc bay area's christie smith is live outside that home right now. christie, what's the latest? >> reporter: good morning, jon. the students who live in this unit behind me are completely shaken up. they say it was about 3:00 in the morning when some men kicked in the front door, demanding money and marijuana. they made them get down on the floor while they searched for it. >> i've never had a gun in my face before. that was pretty intense. >> reporter: he's scared to show his face and hearing his story, it's easy to understand why. five men broke into his richmond district duplex overnight.
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>> they ended up getting a little violent with us. hit some of the guys. they kicked me in the throat. >> reporter: it was 3:00 in the morning. after the ordeal, san francisco police spent hours at the scene. they gathered fingerprints from the kitchen knife the men used to threaten the college students and their friends. >> two of the guys went through all our stuff. and there was one guy holding us in the room. he kept asking for drugs and stuff. but we didn't have anything like that. we're thinking this house used to be a grow house or something like that. >> reporter: they tore through the house and eventually took cash and cell phones and laptops, staying for about 15 minutes. >> they held us for a while, kept asking for weed. they said, where's the 50 p, 50 pounds of weed. you could tell they were looking for something big because they took up the beds and the closets. went through a big chest she had. >> reporter: the suspects didn't stay for long. in fact, they ran away.
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police tried to follow or ping one of the cell phones that was stolen. but that didn't work out. and the students say they believe that this place may have been robbed before. but i spoke with san francisco police and they say they haven't had any calls for service here within the past six months. the students also say that their lease is up next month and they plan to move. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. right now, we can tell you a local emergency has been declared in east palo alto following recent storm damage. heavy rain back in late descent the san francisquito creek over its banks, damaging homes and city infrastructures. city leaders say the levee needs major improvements and hopes the state can help pay for flood control projects. flood victims are waiting to see that happen. >> fix the levee. it needs to be fixed. people's lives are in jeopardy. >> at this point, we're looking at actually walls, walls created
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along here as opposed to going with more dirt. >> city leaders say work on a new levee wall will probably not start until after the rain season. for now, new lines of sandbags will be put out there for added temporary protection. it's been a little bit since we've had some rain but plenty of cold temperatures throughout the bay area. >> that's an understatement. >> you're inside. >> but i'm kind of cold right now. someone opened a window. >> but not in your heart, jon. >> i try. >> it's radiatinradiating, feel right now. good morning. temperatures are actually warming up nicely. it's a little bit hazy out there. the winds are picking up. but what you'll notice is our blanket. those clouds, they're coming back in steadily. that means tomorrow morning, more on the mild side. more 40s and 30s as opposed to to the 20s and 30s we've had. 47 in san jose.
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we are headed towards the 60s. last day of that frigid morning frost as well. keep that in mind tomorrow morning. we'll trade in the frost for the fog. temps will stay mild in the afternoon. a few more clouds. a chance for some showers which is actually looking a little bit more promising. a really tricky forecast as to where and when we'll get the showers. i think i've got it nailed down at this point. >> might be tricky but not going to elude christina loren. >> i like to be confident about these systems and these cut-off lows make it tough. >> you love bouncing around that weather department, too. thank you. it has been another difficult and emotional morning in newtown, connecticut, for the first time since that deadly shooting spree at sandy hook elementary almost three weeks ago. students and teachers who survived the attack returned to class. nbc's jay gray is taking a look at where the kids are going back to school. >> reporter: ribbons and posters
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line the roadway in. >> it is certainly a lot different. it's mixed emotions. >> reporter: emotions still raw, almost three weeks after the attack that left 20 first-graders and six staff members dead. >> it's hard for me to imagine the kids being there, but also the teachers being there during that incident and what that's doing to them psychologically. >> reporter: counselors are on the new campus today and will be there for as long as needed, sloung with a heavy and haley visible police presence. >> the monroe police have worked dill jeptly with the newtown police so we can feel secure. >> reporter: security that administrators are also trying to provide by making the new classrooms as similar to those at sandy hook as possible, moving in desks and equipment from the old school, even putting book bags and jackets in the same places they were the day of the tragedy. >> they did their best to make it as comfortable for the kids when they come back. >> reporter: comfort that for so
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many here is still so hard to find. counselors and administrators hope that at least a little comfort for the kids can come from the structure and routine of being back in a classroom and being back together with their friends. jay gray, nbc news, monroe, connecticut. still ahead at 11:00, a brand-new congress dealing with some old issues. what major deadline they face next. and what two teens are accused of putting into a milkshake that knocked their parents out all night just to get on the internet. a guilty verdict of sorts against google this morning. just released. we'll take a look at what it means ahead in business news. lucky charms?!
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♪ yer always after me lucky charms! whoa. i forgot how good these taste! [ lucky ] ♪ they're magically delicious now all general mills big g kid cereals have more whole grain than any other ingredient in cereals like lucky charms and cinnamon toast crunch, the delicious way to help them grow up strong. this just in to our newsroom, secretary of state hillary clinton will return to work next week. this is according to her spokesperson. this as she's now out of a new york hospital after being
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treated for a blood clot near her brain. clinton was surrounded by her husband, former president bill clinton, and her staff as she left the building last night. doctors say the clot formed back in december after she fainted while recovering from the flu. she's now being treated with blood thinners. clinton's medical team is confident she will fully recover. no doubt about it, it was a long, long odyssey to get here. but that fiscal cliff deal is finally done and now it's officially signed by the president. president obama ordering the bill to be signed via autopen because he's back in hawaii celebrating the holidays with his family. the autopen is actually a device in washington, d.c. that replicates the president's significant. the president is also signing a $633 billion defense bill. that's for next year. staying in washington, just minutes ago congress members voted to reelect john boehner as speaker of the house.
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this was a day after the fiscal cliff was officially averted. now that that's behind them, the new team has a new fight ahead of them. as nbc bay area's tracie potts reports from capitol hill, they already have a full plate. >> reporter: the 113th congress takes its oath this afternoon with 56 new democrats, 38 new republicans and a record number of women. the youngest, hawaii's tulsi gabbert. john boehner has announced the first order of business, a vote to provide billions to victims of superstorm sandy. >> the bottom line is that between friday morning and january 15th, we'll bring in $60 billion that's absolutely necessary for new jersey and connecticut. >> reporter: also tops on their agenda, raising the debt ceiling so america can borrow more to pay its bills. republicans will insist on cutting spending first. >> the president is addicted to spending. he wants to spend.
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he wants a new credit card after he's maxed out the last one. >> if the president thinks he's not going to negotiate, he better think again. he's president of the united states, not emperor of the president. >> reporter: the last time there was a fight over the debt ceiling, the u.s. saw its first-ever downgrade. >> it may take another downgrade. the serious economic consequences that flow from it to jolt us back to some kind of reality. >> reporter: a new congress with old issues still undecided. and they've got a short deadline. we may hit the debt ceiling again in just a few weeks. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >> the fun never ends. just minutes ago, the federal trade commission announcing a settlement with google over a host of complaints dating back for years now. scott mcgrew joins us. some say the settlement simply falls short. >> yeah, way short. if you're one of google's competitors. an issue was does google change
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its search results to benefit itself. and the ftc says it does. but they decided there was little harm to consumers in what google is doing. the settlement announced just a short time ago does limit google but in the most specific of ways, and ways that as a consumer you simply won't notice. executive summary here, that's the way the antitrust investigation ends, not with a fine but with a whimper. and in a related bit of news, google chairman eric schmidt will go to north korea. the "associated press" says schmidt will go as a private citizen, not representing the company. now, why, exactly is not cleerp, though the new leader the north korea, kim jong-un, has hinted as perhaps relaxing some of the internet restrictions. >> thank you so much. looks like all the rain we
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got over christmas is paying off. rolling to an excellent start for the season, according to the department of water resources and more storms coulded a to that. what does this mean for our state? it will be able to deliver a vast majority of water for projects around the state. this is the fourth year of drought for california. another cold, brisk, chilly start to the day. christina loren, i've seen some of your live shots out there. some sun peeking through. >> yeah, it's coming in. these clouds are coming in. those will help to trap in some of the warmth for today. tomorrow morning, not as bitter cold. how low did we go this morning? you might be impressed. 26 degrees in walnut creek. 27 degrees in petaluma. in campbell, 28 degrees. and 30 this morning in palo alto. so it was a cold, cold start to the day. tomorrow morning, add an additional 5 to 10 degrees. that's what we're expecting.
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temperatures are going to be a little bit more bearable as you wake up tomorrow morning. probably don't have to worry about frost on your windshield unless you live in the extreme interior east bay. 45 in napa. 46 in novato. 47 in san jose. and 48 degrees in gilroy. air quality much better. get out there and breathe in. 60 degrees in livermore. 61 in santa teresa. and 62 degrees in gilroy for today. through the next couple of days, onshore flow is going to pick up. we have a slight chance for some showers. jet stream is like a river of air carrying our areas of low pressure from west to east across the united states. what's going to happen is this little area of low pressure is going to break apart from the jet stream, really nothing to transport it. so it's really hard to dictate where the rain is going to come down. this is what we're thinking. a.m. dog and drizzle for the weekend, cloudy and cooler conditions. a little bit of precipitation.
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probably going to be able to get outdoors on saturday. but by noon, the showers starting to push toward the coastline. shower activity expected to fall overnight saturday into sunday. you don't have to cancel your outdoor plans. not a washout but maybe a few showers as you wake up on sunday morning. temperatures are going to climb back up as we kick off next week. one slight chance, maybe a stray shower. might not even happen. we'll continue to update you tomorrow. back to you. >> i guess i'll be wearing a hat for my sunday morning run. coming up at 11:00, brace yourselves, right before our eyes, a gadget takeover. why americans are now outnumbered by their smartphones and tablets. plus, green isn't just the color of the starbucks logo anymore. what the java giant is doing to help the environment.
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parents drugged for internet access. that's the case police are investigating involving two teenage girls. it happened friday night at one of the girl's homes in rockland. police say the family's internet service was turned off at night. so they say the girls wanted access so they put a prescription sleep pg medication into a milkshake to knock out the parents. the parents did pass out. but the next morning, they called police. >> a couple of days later, they came into the police department and they utilized a drug test that we have here, a urine test. and they tested on themselves and they believe it came up positive. >> police say the case is now in the hands of the district attorney. oakland is rolling out its new city id cards, a move not everybody's too happy with. the city issuing the id cards to
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help residents without legal immigration status with everything from dealing with police to cashing checks. several cities do have similar programs. oakland will be the first to tie it to banking so cardholders can use it as a debit card. critics say undocumented immigrants should not be allowed to have the cards while the mayor says it's going to improve lives. >> the reality is this nation is way overdue for immigration reform. these people who have been here for decades, i think most americans agree, should have some pathway to being able to live here with dignity. >> for the record, these cards will run $15 for adults. minors and seniors will pay less. a total of about 6,000 cards will be issued starting on february 1st. governor jerry brown is back at it again. he is facing large opposition against his proposal to change california school funding. specifics to his plan have yet to be released.
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but the governor wants to simplify funding streams to give more local control to school boards. his plan calls for more money for districts with low income students and also those who don't speak english fluently. brown also wants to wipe out existing rules that keep schools from receiving state funding. it is official, yes, machines have taken over the entire world. at least they have here in the united states. there are now more internet-connected gadgets than people in the united states. consumer market research group npd estimates 425 million advices versus 311 million americans. that's a gap that continues to growing. we're talking smartphones here, tablets and gaming consoles, just to name a few. >> blame it on apple? >> big-time. when we come back, starbucks is going green. we'll explain.
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as we all know in a lot of
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bay area cities, you have to remember to bring your own bags to the grocery store. they want you to keep it green. add starbucks to that list. starting today, they're offering you a reusable cup to go with your coffee order. >> the plastic cup costs 1. the idea is to bring the up back for refills and they'll give you ten cents off of your drink. critics say people won't remember to bring them in and are worried about cross contamination. starbucks says they'll clean the cups before refilling. the company hopes reusable cups will reduce waste and help the environment. >> i get the idea. but they have to clean them every time. >> yeah, that's what i was thinking. that's going to take time. time is money. i want my coffee and i want it know. >> she doesn't play when it comes to java. >> thanks for being with us. join us tonight at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00. >> have a great day.
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